The EMA/QRD-Template

The QRD-template was mentioned in the first version of the Readability Guideline (1999). It was developed by the European Medicines Agency. Version 10 (most recent update May 2016) is available in 25 languages.

The annotated version (10, 02/2016) and the EMA website provide the following reason to use this template:

‘The purpose of the templates is to ensure that all the information required by Directive 2001/83/EC is included in the text versions of all packaging components in the order specified (where order is a requirement of the legal provisions). Design and layout are key elements for the readability of the final printed material. Having used the templates provided, marketing authorisation holders will still need to format the resulting texts into the relevant full colour mock-ups for all packaging components.’ (page 25).

Although every new version of the template contains improvements, there are many issues that are not dealt with. A text of 2005 questions the ‘template approach’. It can be downloaded here (pdf, 12 pages).